Make healthy meals by altering your recipe!

Article By: Andi Li, MPH, San Mateo Community Health Promotion Unit Intern

Have you been able to cook more at home during this time? The COVID-19 pandemic has modified our lifestyle and daily routine, including the ways we eat. With the spare time available right now, you may find yourself cooking more than usual. You may want to think about how to eat more healthfully, by developing and altering your recipe! It is important to keep in mind that eating healthy is a lifelong process, and you can start by altering your favorite recipes!

Here are some simple techniques to reduce fat in recipes:

  • Use smart cooking methods – draining excess fat from meats during the cooking process
  • Use nonstick cookware
  • Reduce the amount of fat – the amount of fat in a recipe, especially for the process of sautéing or frying, the amount of fat can be cut by almost half
  • Low-fat or non-fat dairy products are options in many products

Now it is time to alter a recipe on your own!

Here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

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