How to talk to a friend who is going through a hard time

We all deal with unexpected challenges differently. One reason is because we all have different personalities, but another reason is that is we all have different support systems. Some of us have lots of people we can turn to when we need help, and some of us have very few or maybe even none at all.

Teen friendships have always been special. But now, in a time when many teens don’t have the same access to their normal support system of friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, and guidance counselors, that means that you might be the most supportive person in your friend’s life. That might also mean that your friend shares things with you that he or she doesn’t share with anyone else.

Your friend might mention to you that they are having a hard time. And since you’re a good friend, you probably want to be supportive but might not know how.

Here are some great tips and tricks on how to talk to a friend who may be going through a tough time:

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