How to stay digitally connected when money is tight

Food, clothing, and shelter have always been considered essential expenses. Since it’s 2020, let’s add Internet to that list.

Aside from using the internet to keep up with school, you and your family might be relying on it for a bunch of things: finding work, paying bills, addressing healthcare, connecting with loved ones, and staying informed.

If you are having a tough time affording the traditional internet packages, there are options available to you. Many companies are offering discounted pricing during the pandemic to those in need, and local governments are doing their part in trying to increase digital access to as many as possible.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the following options to see what might work for you:

AT&T Access

Access from AT&T provides low-cost internet service for eligible households at $10/month.

  • Free installation and in-home Wi-Fi®
  • No annual contract
  • No deposit

Call AT&T Access at 855-220-5211 to sign-up by phone. Households participating in: SNAP or SSI benefits or National School Lunch Program/HeadStart are eligible to apply.

Comcast (Xfinity)
WiFi hotspots in out-of-home locations will be available for free to anyone who needs them, including non-Xfinity Internet customers. Visit Xfinity for details and more information. 

Comcast is also offering low-income families 60 days of Internet service for free. The Internet Essentials program is normally available to all qualified low-income households in Comcast’s service area for $9.95/month. Call Comcast Internet Essentials at 855-846-8376 to sign-up by phone. Households eligible for public assistance programs (such as National School Lunch Program, housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, and SSI) are eligible to apply.

New customers are eligible for 3 months of free Internet access and unlimited home telephone service. After the free period, service will be billed at standard rates. Households may cancel at any time. Call Sonic at 888-766-4233 to sign-up by phone or apply here.  All homes who have been financially impacted are eligible to apply.

Monkeybrains for San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Students
Any household with SFUSD students is eligible for $35/month home Internet service with installation fee waived.  Call Monkeybrains at 415-974-1313 to sign-up by phone. 

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