6 safe and fun outdoor things to do in the Bay Area

Hiking is allowed, as long as the trail you’re going to is open. Here are a few trails and walking paths that are wide, and easier to social distance on. Be sure to avoid popular hiking areas during peak times so you don’t risk getting too close to others. And make sure you check with your local park district to see which trails are open before you head out.

Mountain Biking
Just like hiking, as long as the trail you want to ride is open, mountain biking is a great way to get exercise and restore your mental health while keeping you and others safe. The Bay Area has no shortage of great trails. Be sure to check out 16 of the best biking trails in the Bay Area to see what speaks to you. If you like getting a little more in the weeds with ride descriptions and a rating system for factors like fun, scenery, aerobic challenge, and technical difficulty, check out Bay Area Mountain Bike Rides.

Road Cycling
If you like biking but you could do without the uneven terrain, road cycling is for you! Depending on the route you choose you can still get the feeling of being far away from the city while remaining on paved road. 7×7 Magazine put together a list of its favorite bike rides that feature gorgeous views of some famous Bay Area landmarks. Strava is a social network for athletes and features an unmatched road and trail network. Be sure to check out the app’s offerings for routes in the North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay. And if you’re on the Peninsula, you’ve got plenty of classy road bike rides to choose from.

Trail Running
Do you prefer to balance on two feet rather than two wheels? You’re in plenty of good company. Whether you’re just starting your running journey or have been doing this for years, there is a good chance you will be able to find somewhere new to run. Plan a route through one or many iconic spots of San Francisco. Trailstompers provides trail maps, GPX downloads, driving directions, recommended runs in the Bay Area. And if you’re looking for a running community,

Outdoor Photography
Want to brush up on your photography skills? Or maybe now is the perfect time to bust out that camera you’ve had your eye on. Luckily the Bay Area is one of the most photogenic locations around and you will have no problem finding interesting and breathtaking scenery. You can choose landmarks, natural scenery, or both. And if you can’t make it out to one of those locations, you can still hone your skills and make amazing art in your own neighborhood or backyard. Play with different angles, distances, and objects. Try to shoot the same thing 10 different ways. You might just be amazed by your creations!

Park Exploration
No trails? No problem. The Bay Area has no shortage of wonderful parks to discover and enjoy. Before you go, be sure to check which ones are open and any potential restrictions. Check out the California Department of Parks and Recreation website to find a wonderful park near you.

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